Born in Milan in 1973, he studied at New York university with master in Art Marketing.

Currently lives in Los Angeles and in 2013 he started own collection.
Today he contribut  as a collector and supporter. Alessandro’s collection includes over 300 works. 
On November 2020 he launches Alessandro STEIN Collection in Los Angeles.

Marine C.Murphy born in Manchester and studied in London for Business and Management. Currently lives in New York and work as art advisor and manager.

Fabian Hoffmann born in Hamburg and studied in Düsseldorf. He currently live in Düsseldorf and work as International art marketing.


Alessandro Stein

Marine C. Murphy

Fabian Hoffamn

Alessandro Stein, contemporary art collector, born in Milan 1973, lives and works between Milan and New York. Currently, he manages several galleries and private collections and takes care of the promotion of young and talented, mainly Italian, painters through CANVVAS PROJECT.